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I am terribly lazy when it comes to the upkeep of my site. I do apologise. I rarely update the image galleries, therefore I am redirecting you to my flickr to see work. I am in the process of rebuilding the galleries, but for now this shall have to do. and please visit my blog for all kinds of other things...

Current shows:

TRAY, concluding my three week residency at Soup Lab in Norwich.

Recent events:

The Making of Longbird: a Retrospective, exhibition in collaboration with Sophie Gackowski and Will Anderson at the Inverness Museum (Nov 2011 - Feb 2012)

UNCANNY: Surreal Photography, curated by Russell Joslin, PhotoPlace Gallery, (VT) USA

UNCANNY: Surreal Photography, exhibition catalogue available from Blurb

UNLIMITED GRAIN: Portraits, Blurb book published by THIAPS, edited by Frans Peter Verheyen

Violence Was Offered exhibition in collaboration with Alan McKendric at The Arches, Glasgow (September 2010)

Personal Interiors, joint solo exhibition at SoFA, Bloomington Indiana (September 2010)

Personal Interiors, joint solo exhibition at Space 301, Mobile

Two Gentlemen, solo exhibition at The Arches, Glasgow

FeltusFeltus(KrauseBliemel), solo exhibition at the Biagiotti Progetto Arte, Florence

Mankind: Versions & Perversions , a group exhibition curated by Edward Lucie-Smith at the Werkstattgalerie 4th of April to the 15th of May 2009, Berlin

Un Orrizonte Interno , Joint solo exhibition at Entroterra, Milan

FeltusFeltusKrauseBliemel, 6th March onwards, Citizen's Theatre, GLASGOW. A solo exhibition: our first public show in Scotland.

Domestic Zirkus, 27th Feb - 4th April 2009, Whitecross Gallery, LONDON. A solo exhibition of photography (FeltusFeltusKrauseBliemel).

Abroad, Galleria Entroterra, Milan

Salon, Whitecross Gallery, London

Arte, an article in the Italian art magazine Arte, Feb issue

Current projects:

Updates for November: on the 6th our 5th solo exhibition of 2009 will open at The Arches in Glasgow. The year has been mysterious, most certainly.

2009 has taken on a life of its own. Tomorrow, 3rd of April, I will have 3 solo exhibitions hanging, London Milan and Glasgow, and be in a group exhibition curated by Edward Lucie-Smith in Berlin, as well as having just sent off prints for another group show in Italy, and another solo exhibition for April with Biagiotti in Florence.

in the works is the preparation, printing and framing for the London show in February, including the completion of an abstract film 'Heimischer Zirkus Kino'. This period is the first time, I believe, that we have two group exhibitions in contemporary, London and Milan, followed immediately by two solo exhibitions, London and Glasgow. And all while i turn 30.

The Apple, written and directed by Caroline Bliemel, photography directed by myself, is currently in post-production.

We are working on visual effects for the upcoming feature film "Il Buio Intorno (working title) directed by Nicola & Marcello Mercalli. This project is currently on hold.

in 2007 we (FeltusFeltus) shot the live-action sequences of our new co-directed film, Tchaikovski's Garden. We shot against a greenscreen (kindly provided by VFX Bristol) in HDV. Post production on this is more like a second stage of production.

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