Curriculum Vitae

Tobias Feltus was born (1979) of two figurative American painters, Lani Irwin and Alan Feltus. He grew up in central Italy and obtained a BA and MDes in design in Edinburgh.

He pursued a career as fine-art photographer for many years, with shows around Europe and the USA, magazine covers and full-spread articles. Working as a photographic technician with both analogue and digital tools lead him to be part of the initial development of New55, cooking chemicals which produced instant negatives in his kitchen in Edinburgh. His need to understand equipment lead him to work with filmmakers: he has collaborated on a handfull of BAFTA and award winning animations, directed and produced music videos and been the Production Designer for CBBC’s Ooglies.

Seeking to simplify the machinery he works with, Tobias began working as a bicycle mechanic within charitable organisations, taking a sabbatical from self-lead creative projects in preference for collaborative efforts. He has now been working professionally as a bicycle mechanic for a decade, enjoys cycle-touring and high-end steel road bikes from the 80s and 90s.

Tobias is a licensed HAM radio operator in the UK and USA as 2M0TFF and KK7BCO.

2023 FCC “Amateur Extra” Amateur Radio License.
2022 Ofcom Intermetiate Amateur Radio License.
2016 Velotech Gold Award at The Bike Station, Edinburgh.
2004 MDes in Design and Applied Arts/Furniture Design at Edinburgh College of Art.
2003 BA(Hons) in Design and Applied Arts/Furniture Design at Edinburgh College of Art.

(Selected) Solo Exhibitions
• 2015 “The long now and close to here…”, Cameo, Edinburgh UK
• 2012 “TRAY”, Soup Lab, UK
• 2010 “The Making of Longbird”, Inverness Museum, UK
• 2010 “Violence Was Offered”,The Arches, Glasgow, UK
• 2010 “Personal Interiors”, SoFA, Bloomington Indiana, USA
• 2009 “Untitled”, Biagiotti Progetto Arte, Florence, Italy
• 2009 “Domestic Zirkus”, Whitecross Gallery, London, UK
• 2006 “UNTITLED” – Feltus Feltus, EntroTerra, Milano, Italy
• 2006 “UNTITLED” – Feltus Feltus, Arte.Novaglio, Brescia, Italy

(Selected) Group Exhibitions
• 2023 Looking At Yourself, Citta’ di Castello (PG), Italy
• 2023 Rocca di Umbertide, Umbertide (PG), Italy
• 2015 15 Seconds, Sonica, Glasgow, UK
• 2013 The Collective & The Collection, Galleria Stefano Frasca, Rome, Italy
• 2012 The Collective & The Collection, ArtGallery Bat-Yam, Israel
• 2011 Uncanny: Surreal Photography, Photoplace Gallery, USA
• 2009 Mankind: Versions & Perversions by Edward Lucie-Smith, Werkstattgalerie, DE
• 2009 157 Autumn Exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy, UK
• 2007 Arte Vicenza, Italy
• 2006 CAP-I-CUA, Galeria MiTO, Barcelona, Spain
• 2006 Lineart, Ghent, Belgium
• 2005 Art(Verona, Italy

(Selected) International Film Festivals
• 2022 EIFF, winner of Best Feature Film, Edinburgh, UK
• 2015 Ooglies BAFTA for Short Form
• 2015 Monkey Love Experiments BAFTA (nomination)
• 2014 Monkey Love Experiments Scottish BAFTA
• 2014 I Am Tom Moody BAFTA (nomination)
• 2012 I Am Tom Moody Warsaw International Film Festival (nomination)
• 2013 The Making of Longbird BAFTA – Best Short Animation
• 2012 The Making of Longbird BAFTA Scotland – Best Animation
• 2012 The Making of Longbird Edinburgh International Film Festival – Best British Short
• 2011 The Making of Longbird Warsaw International Film Festival – Short Grand Prix
• 2006 Solo Duets Silver Dragon for Best Animated Film, Krakow International Film Festival

Design Exhibitions
• 2005 DesignUK MILANO 2005, Milan
• 2004 DesignUK SELECTION 2004 (London), NewDesigners – One Year On – (London)
• 2003 Urban Interiors (London), DESIGN UK Pick of 2003 (London), ON/OFF (London), NewDesigners (London)

• 2012-14 Photography for “MAN” Dir. Maja Borg [2016]
• 2015 Visual and technical collaborator for “15 Seconds”, Sonica, Glasgow, UK
• 2015-16 Design for the 2015 Dr Bike printed media, The Bike Station.
• 2014 Production Design for The Ooglies (s4), Ko Lik Films Two, for CBBC.
• 2014-present: Outreach mechanic for The Bike Station, Edinburgh (Recycle to Cycle, SC033703).
• 2014 Production Design for “Moving On”, directed by Ainsie Henderson for James.
• 2013 Photography and editing with Alan McKendrick on three works in progress including “Cain’s Book” which was piloted at The Arches by Untitled Projects, Glasgow.
• 2013 Actor and Set/Production Designer in “Monkey Love Experiments”, directed by Ainslie Henderson and Will Anderson.
• 2013 “Walizka” music video for John Lemke, Denovali Records.
• 2013 “Cold Water” music video for Unkle Bob.
• 2013 Technical collaborator for Skin Music, installation by Lauren Hayes
• 2013 Designer of bespoke audio-visual technology for concert by Lauren Hayes, King’s Place, London
• 2013 Technical collaborator for haptic technology for McFalls Chamber piece by Lauren Hayes
• 2012 “Aliquot” music video for Poppy Ackroyd, Denovali Records.
• 2012 “Seven” music video for Poppy Ackroyd, Denovali Records.
• 2012 Props for “I Am Tom Moody” directed by Ainslie Henderson, starring Mackenzie Crook. Nominated for BAFTA 2014
• 2012 “Here We Are” for Gioele Valenti / Herself, Deambula Records.
• 2011 Co-curating The Making of Longbird exhibition at the Inverness Museum.
• 2011 Acting in “The Making of Longbird”, directed by Will Anderson. WINNER of BAFTA 2013 for Short Animation.
• 2010 Design and manufacture of a limited edition CD packaging for Lipsync For a Lullaby’s EP “The Lonely Blues”.
• 2010 Core member of New55, developing photographic chemicals. The project obtained crowd-funding in 2014 to commence production of 4×5″ pos/neg instant film.
• 2010 Co-creating of Violence Was Offered, narrated film composed of a sequence of stills, with Alan McKendrick. Shown as parts of The Arches Live, Glasgow.
• 2009 “Tundra” for The Marigold and Acid Cobra / DeAmbula.
• 2009 Album cover “A Sort Of Homecoming” compilation album by Fourtrak Records.
• 2009 “Big Time Teddy” for Lord Cut-Glass and Chemikal Underground Records.
• 2009 “Look After Your Wife” for Lord Cut-Glass and Chemikal Underground Records.
• 2009 Official photographer for for CPH:PIX film festival, Copenhagen.
• 2008 Photography and poster design for “La Giovine Italia”, written and directed by Marco Costa, performed at Teatro de’Servi, Rome
• 2007 “Conscious Life” for Aereogramme & Chemikal Underground Records.
• 2006-2007 Official gig photography and Promotional photography for Aereogramme.
• 2006-2007 Stills photography and animation for the Polite/Caledonia TV/STV documentary for the Ballads Of The Book project album (Chemikal Underground) and Official gig photography.
• 2007 Photography and album sleeve design for HoboTalk’s ‘Homesick for Nowhere’.
• 2006 Photography and album sleeve design for Ainslie Henderson’s ‘Growing Flowers By Candlelight’.
• 2006 Scottish Advertising Awards ad campaign photography.
• 1997-1998 Photogravure, darkroom and photography technician for the Civitella Ranieri Center, working with for Gordon Knox, Joanna Rajkowska and Sandra Ramos. Umbertide, Italy.

• 2015 SHOTS Magazine, No. 129
• 2012 Il Corpo Solitario. L’autoscatto nella Fotografia Contemporanea, Rubbettino Editore
• 2011 SHOTS Magazine (cover), No. 113
• 2011 Unlimited Grain Portraits, compiled and published by The International Analogue Photographic Society (THIAPS)
• 2010 Try State Magazine (No. 3)
• 2009 Arte (No. 426) [Editoriale Mondadori], 5 page article
• 2008 500 Chairs, published by Lark Books
• 2005 EspoArte (No. 38), full spread article
• 2005 StileArte (No.94), full spread article

Other Interests
• 2013-15 cycle tour crossing Hungary, Slovenia and Italy
• 2013-15 cycle tour circumnavigating Scottish coast on 1960’s Moultons
• 2014- weekly volunteering at Bike Saviours, Tempe AZ, USA
• 2013- weekly volunteering at The Bike Station, Edinburgh, UK
• 2006- Tree planting, land tending, reforestation development of Scottish coastline and woodlands in Barfad, Loch Fyne, Argyll.

Tobias Feltus: