Updating an older Garmin (GPSmap 60CSx)

In the past year and a half we have been hiking more, and after missing the trail on a hillwalk due to our phones’ GPS inaccuracy, I bought Lauren a Garmin eTrex 22. I recently found an older Garmin GPSmap 60CSx at a hamfest for cheap, so that I could also stop walking with my phone in my hand.

The first thing I tried to do was update the firmware, since the GPSmap did not have the last firmware released for it. The installer, however, would generate an error on my Windows 10 computers. It occurred to me that the firmware installer might need an older version of Windows, so I transferred it to the Win 7 machine I built last year to run the SCSI scanners and it worked in seconds.

So, if you happen to have an older Garmin, and you are struggling to update the firmware, you may need an older operating system. The firmware file is HERE, and I also needed to install the USB drivers for the handheld device from HERE.

Tobias Feltus: